Cashew Kernels

White Kernel Cashew is the main commercial product of the cashew tree. Vietnamese cashew nuts are considered to be more delicious and fatter than other countries’ cashews. They are used in recipes for roasted salted cashews, butter roasted cashews, honey cashews, whole roasted salted cashews, garlic chili cashews, wasabi cashews… They are also processed by salting, marinating sugar, flavoring, roasted, fried, or industrially processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter…

Cashews are a great nutrition food. It is a good source of protein and essential minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc with 0% cholesterol. Cashew kernels are perfect for making premium food for everyone.

We provide all kinds of white cashew nuts:
W240, W320, WS, LP, SP with premium and standard quality.

  • Cashews type W240: Medium size 220 – 240 nuts/pound
  • Cashews type W320: Medium size 300 – 320 nuts/pound

For premium quality: Break rate is less than 10%, moisture content below 4.5% and color is white.

For standard quality: Break rate is 10-12%, moisture content below 5% and normal color according to AFI standard.

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