Joss Powder

Joss powder, also known as “tabu powder” or “incense powder,” is a crucial component in the manufacturing of incense sticks and cones. Vietnam is a significant exporter of joss powder, and it comes in various types and grades to meet the diverse requirements of incense manufacturers. Common types of joss powder for export from Vietnam include:

  1. High-Quality Joss Powder: This grade of joss powder is made from high-quality raw materials, typically obtained from Litsea Glutinosa trees. It has a fine texture, low ash content, and excellent binding properties, making it ideal for premium and long-lasting incense products.

  2. Standard Joss Powder: Standard joss powder is a versatile choice for most incense manufacturing needs. It offers good adhesive properties, moderate ash content, and a balanced cost-to-quality ratio.

  3. Economical Joss Powder: Economical or lower-grade joss powder is budget-friendly and suitable for cost-conscious incense producers. While it may have slightly higher ash content and coarser texture, it remains a viable option for many applications.

  4. Blended Joss Powder: Some manufacturers offer blended joss powder, which combines joss powder with other natural binders or ingredients to achieve specific characteristics, such as enhanced fragrance retention or ease of use.

  5. Customized Joss Powder: Manufacturers may also offer customization options, allowing buyers to specify their desired joss powder characteristics, including particle size, ash content, and binding properties.


  • Fragrance: Pleasant natural fragrance
  • Raw Material: Bark of Litsea Glutinosa Tree
  • Moisture: 6 – 8%
  • Ash ratio: 25 – 30%
  • Proportion: 0.55 – 0.60g/cc
  • Carbon ratio: At least 50%
  • PH level: Neutral
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Powder Color: Bright Brown
  • Usage: For making Incense, Mosquito Coil…
  • Water Content: 10-13% 
  • Kinds: 9 Cups -> 36 Cups 
  • Viscosity (by Viscometer LVT): depend on each kind of joss powder 
  • Packing: 50kgs/ PP bag
  • Loading 19MT/Cont 20ft ; 28Mt/Cont 40ft.
  • Delivery Time: 1 – 3 weeks 
  • Payment Term: D/P, T/T

Normally, we regularly export 3 main types:

  • 14 cups Joss Powder
  • 22 cups Joss Powder
  • 36 cups Joss Powder (Special Type)

The choice of joss powder type will depend on factors like the type of incense product you are manufacturing, the burning time required, and your budget constraints. It’s advisable to work closely with reputable suppliers who can provide joss powder tailored to your needs and ensure its quality and consistency.

“Enhance your incense products with Vietnam’s premium joss powder. Elevate your offerings, captivate your customers.”
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