Joss Powder

Joss powder is made by grinding the bark and leaves of the Litsea Glutinosa trees. Selected trees are 6-7 years old and meet the basic criteria:

  • The bark is more than 10mm thick.
  • Humidity is less than 13%.
  • Having natural deep red color and fragrant.

Litsea Glutinosa is a rainforest tree in the laurel family. Common names are soft bollygum, bolly beech, Bollywood, bollygum, brown bollygum, brown Bollywood, sycamore and brown beech…

PL Service Trading Produce Co., Ltd purchases raw materials of the bark and leaves of the Litsea Glutinosa trees from Gia Lai, where these trees grow well all the year. The quality of our raw materials is ensured through a strictly QC process. Depend on customer’s needs, we can customize our products to suit your requirements.

Types of product
  • 14 cups Joss Powder
  • 22 cups Joss Powder
  • 36 cups Joss Powder (Special type)
Product description
  • Fragrance: Pleasant natural fragrance
  • Moisture: 6 – 8%
  • Ash ratio: 25 – 30%
  • Proportion: 0.55 – 0.60g/cc
  • Carbon ratio: At least 50%
  • PH level: Neutral
  • Expiry date: 1 year from manufacturing date
  • Storage: Room temperature
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