PL Service Trading Produce Co., Ltd is exporting and importing agricultural products, including India’s Teja S17 chili.

India’s Teja S17 chili is imported directly by PL company. If you contact us, you will get the best offer for your order.

We are providing 2 types of Teja S17 chili, with stem and without stem. Both of them have beautiful bright red colors.

The Indian S17 Teja chili has a high spiciness, flavor and color that best match with Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisines.

Product description
  • Types: With or without stem
  • Humidity: Less than 12%
  • Length: 6 – 8cm (without stem)
  • Sensitivity (heat): 75000 – 110000 SHU
  • Color: 50 – 60 ASTA
  • Capsaicin content: 0.589%

In order to expand the market, we look forward to cooperating with all domestic and foreign partners wishing to import Indian S17 Teja chili.

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