Bamboo Sticks

Bamboo sticks is an important part of clean incense products. It is not too complicated to produce bamboo sticks. The simplest way is use a knife to cut a piece of bamboo tree to create a roundly stick.

In the modern days, it is easy to produce bamboo sticks on a large scale and in large quantities by using modern machines. Producers also pay more attention in both form and quality. Clean incense sticks are mainly made from “Giang” – Belonging to the bamboo family but more flexibility and easier to grow than bamboo. When burning, it will not affect the surrounding environment. The stick has a small diameter of 1-2mm, roundly, smoothly and uniform to make beautiful incense sticks.

Nowadays, the process of making clean bamboo sticks is as following:

  • Prepare wooden blocks, put in the factory to wear out the outer shell.
  • Create thin sheets of wood with the same thickness as required of sticks.
  • The sheets of wood will be loaded into a winding machine, rolled into several layers.
  • Put these layers into the splitter to create rudimentary sticks with the specified size.
  • Transfer to the filter system, select the product that meets the requirements, not broken, not ruffled or strange colors.
  • Move to storage to prepare for the next stages when making clean incense.

The process of making clean incense sticks is not too complicated, just use natural ingredients and completely good for human health. This is one of the core ingredients that make values for Vietnamese products.

Product description
  • Diameter: 1.2mm, 1.3mm or as required
  • Length: 20.5cm, 23cm, 28cm, 32.5cm or as required
  • Ingredients: Giang, Vau
  • Strong sticks and guaranteed number of sticks per kg
  • Color: Bright white
  • No mold and termites
  • Origin: Viet Nam
  • Packing: Sack or as required
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