Incense Sticks

Incense sticks include two main parts:

  • The core/stick is selected by experienced artisans. They choose bamboo trees which are 4 – 5 years old with a trunk is supple and fragrant with the smell of bamboo.
  • The body is made from joss powder or wood powder.

Incense is important in spiritual worship (Especially in some memorial days and temples). This is an item to help people show their respect and gratitude to their ancestors and holy gods.

There is a misconception that “smoke” attracts fortune and “twisted freckles” shows respect. Because of that, a lot of customers are still confused when choosing clean incense. Why is burned incense having no “twisted freckles”? Why does it smell of leaves? The reason is clean incense is made from natural ingredients, not impregnated with harmful chemicals, and does not contain H3P04 that causes lung cancer, skin abrasion and environmental damage.

We would like to provide natural and environmentally friendly products. So clean incense is one of the products that our company is providing. We commit to use 100% natural ingredients. Bamboo sticks and joss powder are all natural. Currently, we provide 2 kinds of products: 12-Hour Incense and 24-Hour Incense.

Product description
  • Ingredients: Joss powder, wood powder, bamboo sticks
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Color: Bright white, no mold and termites
  • Packing: Carton box
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